Kaffy To Hold Another ‘Ijoda 9ja Dance Bournout’ Tour In USA

As if conquering the world of dance in Nigeria and making the profession more desirable amongst aspiring Nigerian dancers wasn’t enough, Kaffy has set her sights on higher goals. The Nigeria’s dance queen is set to take her dance workshop to New York on Tuesday, 20th May, 2014.

The workshop, which is opened to dancers, fitness enthusiasts and good timers of all ages, combines fitness and dancing as a way to free the mind, body and spirit.

Recall Kaffy held a similar workshop in London last month where she explained the purpose of the class saying, “I’m not doing this because I’m trying to get my brand out there. Let me tell you something, I started dancing in a country at a time when no young person could go home and tell their parents that they wanted to dance. I’ve taken the cross for a lot of dancers; I’ve nailed myself to the cross for a lot of dancers. I’ve made some sacrifices. I’ve been called everything. I’ve been called a pr*stitute and everything.”

She also gave the attendees advice on lifelong decisions saying “I studied Civil Engineering. I’m a Mathematics freak. My desire is to change the world. I’m now applying what I learned into what I do right now. There’s a lot of what I learned at school that applies right now. I’m not saying education is anything to toy with but just learn to apply what you learn at school.

“Don’t just go to school because of mummy and daddy. I took the challenge because I wanted to prove to my parents that anything you do in this world you can be somebody from it.”

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